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Posted by George Freund on September 14, 2011 at 8:00 AM

And then I looked up at the sun and I could see

Oh the way that gravity turns for you and me

And then I looked up at the sky and saw the sun

And the way that gravity pulls on everyone, on everyone

(Gravity lyrics)

Did the World Trade Center have an interior Lighting & Shuttering system installed to hide its Hollow Tower Appearance?


Through all of our various research, one of the most striking finds or discoveries is the hollow towers. We have indeed found considerable evidence and what we believe constitutes a preponderance of evidence which proves the world trade center, was, for much of its life, a hollow shell, an Illusion, an on going legend which was to become larger then life, and also quite different then the reality of the world trade center.

On the outside they were tall, granite like structures which inspired awe. On the inside, we have been told, they were dark and depressing. {Gelatin B thing reference}

(NOTE: Gelatin B is an art group. This is the closest evidence to the actual commission of the crime I've ever seen. Gelatin was in the Google Freddy Mercury Code. The Austrian connection should not fall on deaf ears. Anders Breivik's coded manifesto co-ordinates took us to several locations in Austria.)

And the best photographic evidence for the hollow towers is this picture below; So lets start here; This article is based upon the premise that the world trade center was empty, gutted, pre demolished before 9/11. If your not familiar with this, then please read this thread here first which deals with the entire premise of the hollow towers. Was the WTC Pre-Demolished prior to 911? Read that and then read this, as this is sort of a part 2, and that is part 1. If you are familiar with the concept then read on.

Issue: Because they were not built as we were told, but had hollow sections with no floors, they had a hollow look.

Problem: The Towers had a Hollow look, because they were after all, mostly Hollow:

They were not built per spec and were not built as we were told. Whether the missing floors were ever laid down and then later taken up is a mystery. But it is obviously apparent that the world trade center had some “core issues.” Mainly the missing floors that were never built, or built and demo’d shortly thereafter. And there is little doubt the Towers were hollow because in some areas of the hollow sections they had built 1/2 floors, which are visible.

See above first maintenance section (Black/dark area) and you can see there are at least 5 1/2 floors built into that area. They will be visible by the 3 black areas above the maintenance area on the left hand side. So there were partial floors built into the towers, as well as many, many floors which were never built, or built and taken down in record time. The world trade center was built for only one purpose. And that’s what happened and was orchestrated 30 years after it was completed, on September 11th, 2001.

The Twin Towers had a legend which was thirty years in the making. 50,000 people working in them daily. And so on. Yet the legend was far from the reality at the world trade center. In the end, the buildings were completely empty, hollow, gutted and mostly demolished buildings and most of their interiors removed. Needing far less planning and explosives work then people might ever imagine.

1972 – South Tower is Capped (Tower on right with crane)

The Issue of the Hollow Towers being Fixed in 1978:

1978 the problem BEING FIXED as you watch this picture below; 1978 — Look for the shuttering system and where installation stopped for the day in 1978, just above the mountain line behind the south tower, and look for the diagnol granite facade, just under the black line on the left building. And also notice that everything below that is no longer hollow. It appears they are fixing the hollow towers issue from the bottom up, which would make sense.

Thanks goes to Clive for finding this awesome picture of the Hollow Towers!

Did they install some sort of Lighting system at World Trade Center to give the Illusion of life and activity?

We had long suspected that they had some sort of lighting system installed, for the effect of the towers at night, and also during the day as lights were visible whenever they were on, or off. Larry first discovered the first lead in this when looking through the jumpers videos, he noticed some sort of odd configuration on some of the windows at the world trade center. And posted this picture below in our private research area. At this point we believed our suspicions about the lighting system were being verified, so we all started looking through all the videos, keeping this as one of the things we are looking to resolve.

We think its the WTC Lighting and Shuttering system; Hollow Towers needed lights and the “appearance of floors.” The Towers looked Hollow till they fixed the issue, apparently in 1978.

The Noticeable Window Treatments, Shuttering System from Helicopter shots from 9/11:

Now notice in this video screenshot below, that to the right of the people trapped in the towers, by the windows, all the windows have a dark gray ganite exterior look, and no glass is visible. Look to the right of the people below, the first set, top left. Notice to their right all of the windows. What should be visible glass from this angle only looks like granite. The window line that the people are standing in should continue, yet it doesn’t.

The video below is where the screen-shot above was taken from and is well worth watching to become aware of the video shots of these “stills.”


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